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3 Nephi 22: Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children

  1. Those who have had blessings withheld will receive them in extraordinary abundance.

  2. Israel will spill out of her current habitations, which need to be enlarged, and will inherit the Gentiles.

  3. Shame will be replaced with confidence (could that refer to overcoming a culture of shame?)

  4. The God of Israel will be acknowledged as God of the whole earth.

  5. Israel will be reconciled with God in an outpouring of great mercies and everlasting kindness.

  6. The reconciliation will be permanent -- Israel will never be estranged from God again.

  7. Her world will be filled with treasures.

  8. Her children will grow up in great peace, all of them taught of the Lord.

  9. Righteousness will secure her so that she can't be oppressed or frightened.

  10. Those who seek Israel's destruction or defamation will fail because she serves the Creator of the earth, who will not permit their weapons to prosper.

What does this mean to me?

First of all, I think that these promises are made both generally and specifically. That is, when the New Jerusalem is established, these blessings will be had by all of gathering Israel. But they also apply to each of us, individually, as we gather to the Lord.

When I am anchored in righteousness, truly trusting God, His plan and His mercies, I am freed of fear and every form of oppression. And as I teach my children to fully trust the Lord, I can pass that surpassing peace to them.

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1 Comment

Oct 20, 2020

While these are promises both general and specifi, theY are also community promises in which the indiv promises cannot apply unless the community also compllies to the qulifing conditions.Israel has become the community where all “let God prevail”.

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