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I was honored to be invited by Mackenzie Millward to write something on bravery for her Wildflower Literary project. Mackenzie interviews women whose lives have been touched by adversity and who have found beauty amidst or beyond it. She then distills their stories into prose that reads like poetry. I love her evocative writing style and her vision for Wildflower Literary.

I planned to write something brief. But bravery is not, apparently, something I can address with brevity. I have spent so much of my life crippled by fear, grasping after courage, a quality I knew was connected to love but couldn't quite capture. Until, at last, I could.

What I've written is raw and possibly triggery. I've revisited some of my darkest memories and identified what bravery would have looked like, if I'd been able to achieve it then. And I've traced the growth of bravery as a spiritual gift that has been granted me over time. Please be invited to give it a read here. And check out the other essays, written in Mackenzie's distinctive voice. (Site formatting is such that my post says it's written by Mackenzie, but take a moment to read the other essays...her essays...and you'll see what I mean about her compelling prose).

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Oct 30, 2020

This was a painful read but it seems that you finally got the lesson right.

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