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Moroni 10: The Power of God and Sanctification

  1. If we ask with sincere heart, real intent and faith in Christ, the Holy Ghost will manifest the truth of the Book of Mormon to us.

  2. The Holy Ghost will let us know the reality of Jesus and the truth of all things.

  3. The power of God and gifts of the Spirit will be active in us as long as the world stands, provided that we have faith.

  4. If we have faith, we can do all things which are expedient in Christ.

  5. The Lord's words, recorded by Moroni, will hiss forth from generation to generation.

  6. As we awake and arise, we will no more be confounded and the Father's covenants with us will be fulfilled.

  7. If we will deny ourselves of all ungodliness and love God with our all, we will, by his grace, become perfect in Christ, sanctified, holy and without spot.

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