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It’s Spring!!! I looked out the front window this morning and the snow has melted. The sun is out. In celebration, here’s an acrostic poem I wrote back in 2011.

Succulent and sweet with Springtime's nectar,

Tangy with the taste of dreams ahead,

Resplendent-hued, like clouds on the horizon

Aflame with rising light, enticing red;

Water droplets resting on their roundness

Beckon me and I no longer fight.

Eager for the burst of tingling flavour,

Resistless, longing, I can only bite.

Rapture greets me, capturing my senses.

I simply cannot stop at only one.

Enticing berries overwhelm my scruples;

Sorry dear, your breakfast is... well... gone.

(Originally posted April 20, 2020)

(Photo by Vanesa Conunaese on Unsplash)

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