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Promises: Moroni 7-9

Moroni 7

  1. If we peaceably follow Jesus and obtain sufficient hope, we can enter into the rest of the Lord during mortality.

  2. We can clearly discern between good and evil by searching diligently in the light of Christ

  3. If we, by faith, lay hold on every good thing and condemn it not, we will become children of Christ.

  4. Whatever good thing we ask the Father in Jesus' name, believing we will receive, will be done.

  5. Jesus claims rights of mercy for all who have faith in him.

  6. We will cleave unto every good thing.

  7. Angels will minister to chosen servants with strong faith and a firm mind in every form of godliness, in order to bring to pass God's redemptive covenants.

  8. With faith in Christ, we will have power to do every needful thing.

  9. With repentance, baptism and faith in Christ, we'll be saved.

  10. If we have faith, the Lord will work miracles, send angels and pour out the Holy Ghost on us.

  11. If we energetically pray for it and truly follow Jesus, we will be filled with charity and become the sons of God, pure as Jesus is pure, he will appear and we will see him as he is.

Moroni 8

  1. If we repent, receive baptism and humble ourselves as little children, we'll be saved with our children.

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Dec 14, 2020

Nice summary. I am particularly instructed in the aspects of and acquisition of charity, which ultimately seems to be our end goal.

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